• OSPInSight Software

    OSPInSight is a family of software solutions that combine leading edge database and spatial technologies into powerful tools designed to manage fiber optic networks. Click above to learn more.

    Meet the newest member in the OSPInSight family of products: OSPInSightPET (Project estimation and tracking.) Click above to see how OSPInSightPET can help take any project from SOW to Close.

  • AFO Data Services

    We pride ourselves in being the fiber optics specialists, and data services are a huge part of that. We manage and maintain hundreds of fiber optics network databases every day, and as the developers of OSPInSight, we are uniquely positioned to do it the best. See why so many companies trust us to turn their data into more than just a map.


  • AFO Field Services


    We wrote the book on fiber characterization. Click above to check it out!